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Carrabassett Coffee Company offers a wide variety of "single source" African, Central and South American and Indonesian coffees. Coffees are listed geographically with a brief description. Don't miss our wonderful flavored coffees and special blends following the "single source" descriptions.  We also have a section of Organic Coffees from around the world that you may find interesting. 

Easily identify coffee types by using our color coding system, regular coffees are listed in BROWN, Decafs are in ORANGE and Organics are in GREEN. 

ANY coffee we do (blend or single-origin) can be done as a half-caf blend. In making this custom half-caf blend for you, we will use the decaf closest in flavor and most appropriate to your chosen coffee. ie. organic with organic, dark roast with dark roast, etc.

You can print this section for later reference, or go the the Order Info pages and toggle back and forth between the price list and the Secure Order form.

All of our organic coffees are certified by M.O.F.G.A 

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MEXICO, CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA: These coffees tend to exhibit medium to full body, and bright to rich acidity especially with the Tarrazu and the Guatemala's.  Single source coffees are light roasts.


Guatemala Panama Peru
  Country Estate/Brand USD Price/LB.
Brazil flag Brazil  Mogiana  French Roast   Mild flavor, medium body Natural Process   Available only as French (dark) Roast. $10.00
Colombia flag Colombia  Supremo  Medellin   Rich, aromatic with full body $11.00
ORGANIC Colombia Organic Valle de Cauca Rich and complex, “bird friendly” $11.50
DECAF Colombia

Colombia  True Colombian Supremo flavor

Costa Rica flag Costa Rica Naranjo Cattleya Especial  clean and full bodied $11.00  
Guatemala Huehuetenango  Hiuxoc  Full body, rich and complex $10.75
  ORGANIC Guatemala Ceylan SHB Solid flavor, with just enough acidity to balance the medium body. $11.25
Mexico flag ORGANIC Mexico Organic Chiapas  Shade grown, nice body and restrained acidity $11.25
  ORGANIC DECAF Mexico Mexico Organic Decaf  Water Processed, Available in either Medium or French (dark) Roast $12.25
   Panama Boquete Classico SHB Delicate floral tones. soft acidity $10.75
ORGANIC  Peru Organic Peru Quillabomba Soft acidity, medium body, pleasing sweetness $11.25
ORGANIC DECAF Peru  Organic WP Decaf  Swiss Water Process, true Peruvian notes $12.25


ISLANDS:  These coffees are as unique from one another as the islands from where they originate.   They range from exhibiting soft, delicate tones to big and robust.
  Country Estate/Brand Price/LB.    
Hawaii - Hawaiian Kona Fancy  Very delicate floral tones, beautifully balanced Out of stock - Call or email for availability!
Jamaica Blue Mountain  Certified Grade no. 1 by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board. Full-bodied, mild acidity, balanced. 

Out of stock - Call or email for availability!


AFRICA: Rich, wine-like acidity, medium to full body, very aromatic and some with "wild" tones, especially the dry-processed coffees.



  Country Estate/Brand Price/LB.  
 ethiopia flag  Ethiopia Ethiopia Sidamo Guji  M.A.O. Rich, wine-like acidity, medium body: medium roast $10.75  
Tanzania flag Tanzania Peaberry Burka Estate Robust, complex, rich acidity $10.75  
Organic Uganda Bugisu - An earthy and complex coffee.  Deep and Full Bodied.  $11.75

SOUTH SEAS: Both dry and wet-processed coffees, the former being big and bold, complex flavors, full body and a little "wild", especially Sumatras and Celebes; the later has somewhat less body, but both are rich with low-toned acidity.

Region Estate/Brand Price/LB.
ORGANIC Java  Java Taman Dadar Organic RFA Direct trade, right from the family growers. Mild acidity, clean flavor, nice body. $12.00
  Sulawesi Celebes Kolassi Toraja  Deep, rich tones, full body $10.75
   Sumatra Mandheling  Full body, light acidity and distinctive $10.75
DECAF Sumatra Sumatra Mandheling  Rich and satisfying $11.00
  ORGANIC Sumatra Organic Gayo Shade grown, rich with nutty tones Available as either Medium or French (dark) Roast. $11.75  
  ORGANIC Timor Organic Timor Shade grown, solid body, rich flavor Available as either Medium or French (dark) Roast. $11.25  
BLENDED COFFEES:   We use only fine specialty grade coffees to craft consistently complex, aromatic and full-flavored blends. They are listed from the lightest to the darkest roasts.

Rooster Roast

Sunrise Blends

North Woods Blend

Back Draft

Blend Name Description Price/LB.


Country Mile Blend

A mild, breakfast-styled blend of Central American coffees

Sunrise Blend

Our most popular breakfast blend. A combination of mild Centrals and Sumatra coffees

Sunrise DECAF

A light roast blend of Colombia, Guatemala and Sumatra decaffeinated coffees. Nicely balanced and flavorful

West Branch Organic

Certified organic breakfast blend of Sumatra, Mexico, and Peru


An intelligent blend of Tanzania Peaberry, Sumatra and Costa Rica. Smooth and mild.

North Woods

A flavorful blend of Ethiopia Harrar, Sumatra and Estate Panama; strictly up country!


A complex, robust blend of Tanzania, Java, and Celebes Kalossi…  poetry in the cup!

Moka Java Blend

A Blend of Java and Ethiopia Moka Harrar; moka-java blends are the original coffee blend.



Acadia Roast

Ethiopia Harrar and Sumatra with a touch of espresso roast

Carrabassett Classic

A blend of mild Central American coffees with French roast beans added


A blend of Tanzania Peaberry beans and espresso roast. A fan favorite! (same blend as Bad Dog with a different, "coastal" name, listed separately so fans can find it easier)

Bad Dog An inland blend of medium roast Africa & Americas with a charge of espresso. (same blend as Schooner with a different "inland" name, listed separately so locals can find it easier) $11.00  
Classic Decaf Decaf Colombia, Decaf Guatemala and Decaf Sumatra beans with a touch of espresso roast decaf $ 10.50  
Bracket Brook House Organic

A Certified Organic blend of Medium and French roast Americas, Africa and Indonesia.



Big Carry Organic

A Certified Organic French roast blend of Sumatra, Peru and Mexico

Rooster Roast

A traditional French roast blend of Colombia Supremo, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Sumatra.

Mountain Espresso Roast Very dark roast of Guatemala and Sumatra beans. Designed for optimum flavor extraction for home and commercial espresso machines. Great drip brewed, too! $10.75
Espresso Decaf

 A very dark roast blend of Sumatra, Guatemala and Colombia decaf beans. Exquisite!

Back Draft Roast

Very dark, smoky and alluring! Our best selling dark roast

River Driver's Organic Espresso Dark Roast  Espresso. Certified Organic blend of Sumatra and Colombia coffees. $11.75
Java Joe's Organic Espresso Decaf Water Processed (WP) Decaf. Dark Roast blend of water processed organic decaf coffees. $12.25
Skyline Organic Espresso Our new Vienna roasted espresso (in between medium roast and dark roast) with great flavor, crema and a name that only the big mountain skiers will understand!  Do you understand? $11.75
Green Beans: If you are home roasting, look to us as your source for specialty grade raw green beans. We offer all of our beans and blends by the pound.

Country Mile Blend

Carrabassett Classic


$10.50/lb  Regular Flavored       $11.00/lb Decaf Flavored 

Blueberry Cobbler Hazelnut French Vanilla Choc. Raspberry

We offer a large selection of your favorite flavors using only fine Central American beans. Our current flavor list includes:

Snickerdoodle, California Gold, Christmas Cookie,

Hazelnut Creme, French Vanilla, Caramel Nut,

Toasted Almond Creme, Kahlua and Creme, Pumpkin Spice

Chocolate Raspberry, Swiss Chocolate Almond

English Toffee, Blueberry Cobbler, Chocolate Mint, Coconut Creme

Butter Rum, Cinnamon Hazelnut, Cinnamon Cappuccino

"Jamaica Me Crazy" (vanilla/nut/kahlua/caramel)

TEAS:  We have a wide selection of black, green, herbal, flavored and organic bagged teas. 

NUMI Teas:  

Carrabassett Coffee is a distributor of organic NUMI Teas!  We have in stock a wide variety of NUMI Black, green and white teas and herbal blends.  Boxes contain 18  teabags, except where noted.

$6.25 / box


Certified Organic Numi Teas

Earl Grey  -  Black Tea w/ Bergamot Honeybush  -  Herbal
Breakfast Blend  -  Black Tea Chamomile Lemon  -  Herbal
Jasmine Green  -  Green Tea w/ Jasmine Gunpowder Green  -  Green Tea
Mate Lemon  -  Green w/ Yerba Mate & Lemon Myrtle Red Rooibos  -  Herbal
Golden Chai  -  Black Tea w/ Spices Orange Spice  -  White Tea w/ Orange & Spices (16 teabags)
White Rose  -  White Tea w/ Rosebuds (16 teabags)  
Stash Teas:

USA company, caffeine free 
Boxes contain 18 teabags. 

 $5.25 / box.

Stash Tea company derives its name from an entertaining aspect of tea folklore. In earlier centuries, tea was a valuable commodity traditionally transported by clipper ship. The ship’s captain often was presented with some of the finest teas for his personal use. This supply was his “stash,” stowed carefully as his “private reserve.” Today, the term is still used to denote anything put away carefully because of its preciousness.
English Breakfast Decaf
Earl Grey Decaf
Premium Green Decaf

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