Well, we finally found one we like! After many requests of when are you going to do k-cups? We've got an answer! The EkoBrew refillable/reusable filter for Keurig k-cup brewers.
We've played around with some of these ourselves plus got some in the hands of our regular local customers and it appears everybody likes 'em.
Special Introductory Price

Ekobrewrefillable/reusable filter for Keurig k-cup brewers
With purchase of coffee:

MSRP is $16.95

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Advantages over K-cups

  • Greener-reduce waste-make coffee not trash.
  • Fresher Coffee = Better flavor
  • Less expensive-buy coffee not packaging
  • More choices-any coffee we do!

Advantages over Keurig's own refillable "My K cup"

  • no filter holder replacement necessary
  • larger = holds more coffee = fuller flavor in the cup
  • spray cone distributes brew water across coffee surface better = better extraction = better flavor
  • mesh across bottom and only lower third of sides means brew water flows fully through coffee = better extraction = better flavor



*We suggest using a drip grind for the Eko-Brew filter. If you prefer an extra strong cup of coffee you may want to ask for a slightly finer than drip grind and if you prefer a weaker cup of coffee you may want to ask for a slightly coarser grind than drip.

Pesky legal notice... Carrabassett Coffee nor EkoBrew are associated / affiliated with Keurig. Keurig and K-cup are trademarks of Keurig and Green Mountain.

Introductory Special Price only $10.00
(must ship with coffee).
This unit is not compatible with Keurig brewer models: B30, B130, B150, B155 and B3000, Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG5 as well as Keurig 2.0, Vue, or Bolt brewers. As we're pretty much selling these at our cost, (MSRP is $16.95) we really don't want to ship them by themselves. So, if you're looking just to pick up a couple Ekobrew units without our coffee, we recommend getting 'em from amazon.com (free super saver shipping over $25) or directly from ekobrew.com (free shipping). .

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To place your order via our online order form, use the comments section.  we'll do the rest and send you a confirmation of your order. You can also use our Printable Order Form and either mail or fax (207-265-3527) it to us.  Of course, we always like to hear from you personally, call us toll-free at 1-888-292-BEAN.
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