Carrabassett Coffee Company in Kingfield Maine

Organic Coffees

Guatemala Peru Sumatra
ORGANIC Colombia Organic Valle de Cauca  Rich and complex, “bird friendly” $11.50

Mexico flag ORGANIC Mexico Organic Chiapas  Shade grown, nice body and restrained acidity $11.25  
Mexico flag ORGANIC DECAF Mexico Mexico Organic Decaf  Water processed, dark or medium roast $12.25  
ORGANIC  Peru Organic Peru Quillabomba: Soft acidity, medium body, pleasing sweetness $11.25  
ORGANIC DECAF Peru Peru Organic DECAF Water processed, medium roast $12.25  
  ORGANIC Sumatra Organic Gayo Shade grown, rich with nutty tones
Available as either Medium or French (dark) Roast. Please Specify.
  ORGANIC Timor Organic Timor Shade grown, solid body, rich flavor.
Available as either Medium or French (dark) Roast. Please Specify.
ORGANIC Java  Java Taman Dadar Organic RFA Mild acidity, clean flavor, nice body. $12.00
  ORGANIC Guatemala Guatemala Ceylan SHB Solid flavor, with just enough acidity to balance the medium body. $11.25
Organic Uganda Bugisu - An earthy and complex coffee.  Deep and Full Bodied.  $11.75  

West Branch Organic

Certified organic breakfast blend of Sumatra, Mexico and Peru $11.50  

Big Carry Organic

A Certified Organic French roast blend of Sumatra, Peru, and Mexico $11.75  

Bracket Brook House Organic

A Certified Organic blend of medium and dark roast Indonesia, Africa, and Americas. $11.50  
  River Driver's Espresso Dark Roast Espresso. Certified Organic blend of Sumatra and Colombia organic coffees. $11.75  
  Java Joe's DECAF Espresso Water Processed (WP) Decaf espresso. Dark Roast blend of water processed organic decaf coffees. $12.25  
  Skyline Organic Espresso Our new Vienna roasted espresso (in between medium roast and dark roast) with great flavor, crema and a name that only the big mountain skiers will understand!  Do you understand? $11.75  

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